Rabu, 22 Februari 2012

[X8/W8][ROM] CyanogenMod 9 - V01 KANG

This rom not for noobs!
For proper work rom: This will always be used with a custom kernel nAa or other from me does not even mention about the other kernels are
The entire ROM built from my sources no port from another device
I do not take any responsibility if your phone is a brick

Whats need for use:

nAa kernel - Download from here
- Rom
- Google Apps
- Additional Apps - SE Text intput
- Hotfixes and small updates - A2DP Fix

Whats work
gralloc/memalloc - Ok
GPS - Ok
Touchscreen - Ok
Keylayout - Ok
Bluetooth - Ok
GSM - Ok
GSM Data - Ok
USB Mount - Ok
Sensors - Ok
Audio - Ok
3D - Ok
Headphones - Ok
Charger - Ok
MusicFX - Ok
FLAC Decoder - Ok
Root - Ok
Wifi - Ok (With static IP)
Indetify in market - Ok
CM9 Music - Ok (Alpha version)
HW Acceleration - Ok (Without OpenGL render) PS: Black background
Camera - Test mode

Whats no work
Video Decoder
FM Radio



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