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[ROM]GingerCruzt Revision 8.5

GingerCruzt by Frogy Furnetal

This is not mine ROM.
This is Frogy Furnetal's ROM! He don't play on xda a lot, so I've posted his ROM here.
You can visit his blog or visit Facebook Group Sonyericsson Xperia X8 Indonesia

Notice: Don't send me any PM's related to this ROM, any tehnical difficulties or questions about it. I will not answer on that PM's. Ask on thread instead. Croatians especially. Only if new version is up, PM me links and changelog, if any.

If anything posted here is without permisson, PM me I will remove it.

Credits go to
Frogy Furnetal (Lasan on xda)
Rieken Yuki
firdausmbois (Firdaus Petra)
Master Shpit
Agung Ikspi D'da Vinci
and all other contributors.

I just don't have time for xda... if update is available I will update when I see it. Also for installation instructions, compatabile kernels, and bugs - figure it out by yourself. Thanks.

Revision 8.5
- only for nAa kernel 08, other kernels got brick/wifi error
Download kernel from the nAa thread.

Notice: FF did not posted anything about this release, so maybe it's testing or "beta" release. I'm not responsible for any bricks due to lack of info about 8.5.
Use this release on your own risk.

WORKING: Everything.

* GSM/SMS/Data(3G, EDGE)
* Wifi (Broken in rev 7 (?) FIX)
* Fixed reboots bug
* Stock audio Recording
* ADB at boot
* Sensors
* OpenGL/3D
* Audio Jack
* Video decoder
* Video playback support for 3rd party apps
* Vibration
* Bluetooth
* Native App2sd
* xRecovery preinstalled
* Usb mass storage
* Audio Mixer
* Camera (3MP)
* Offline charging
* Fake DT support (Thanks to: doixanh)
* Mddi lag fix (Thanks to: doixanh)
* CM Settings performance menu for setting the Sdcard read cache size
(speed improvements for sdcard)
* CM Settings performance menu for CPU Overclocking
* CM Settings display menu for Ultra brightness.
* Back button ends call
* Center clock

To enable MT for Cyprees (for all versions)
There is no ax8mt.ko you have to add one, and change the name into x8gesture.ko...

For Synaptic is already included.

ROM. Revision 8.5 Mediafire 

 How to install:
* Download ROM, install with xRecovery
* Make a full wipe and reboot

- xda development
- Group Facebook X8 Indonesia
- Dev's x8 on xda (racht, jerpelea, doixanh, NobodyAtall)
- Dev's MIUI



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