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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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Nokia 5800 - RM356 v40 - Dark Knight Edition v1(v2 Uploaded, Multiple Languages) 

I have created my own firmware with many apps,themes and games included. It is also extremely fast and has high stability.
60% of credit goes to appleorangefruit and xploitmachine as I took parts of their firmware and added it too the original as well as mine.

- ROM Patcher Permanent.
- YouTube Permanently in Z Drive.
- Kill Me.
- Mem Check.
- cCam (Silent & HQ Photo Snapper).
- Mirror (To See Your Beautiful Face).
- WinRAR Free Edition.
- Network Switcher (GSM/UMTS/DUAL BAND).
- Google Maps.
- Skyfire.
- X-Plore File Browser.
- Inclinometer.
- For Your Ears Only (Music Stopper Tool).
- SmartCam Webcam (Please download SmartCam.exe for PC to use).
- Increased and Improved System Cache.
- Icreased System Memory Heap Size.
- Optimised All Drive Cache.
- Added hidden ICONS e.g. Themes
- FrancophilSans Font All Over Device.
- Bluetooth File Transfer Now Targets Memory Card Not Phone (Create C:\Received).
- Added Custom Waiting / Busy Menu Circle.
- Improved Network Optimisation.
- Improved Kinetic Scrolling.
- Silent Camera Snaps.
- Silent Call Recording.
- High Quality Camera Snapshots.
- Java Permissions Warnings Disabled.
- Video Recording Beep Removal.
- Widget Security Warning Removal.
- Certified 20 Capability Rules of Signing.
- Zylam Marek's XM Refined Menu.
- All Recommended Nokia 5800XM ROM Patches (11 Patches).
- Charging Complete LCD Light & Beep Bug Solved (Patcher).
- Nokia 5530XM Light Vision Theme.
- Orange Tornado Transparent Home Screen.
- High Efficient Free Memory (Use RAM Blow To Pump More).
- Super Extreme Free Space (C Drive).
- Fastest & Best Optimised Boot Up.
- Zero Background Running Applications.
- Symtorrent
- Photobrowser
- Handy Taskman
- Heroes theme
- Hacked startup(Like on a PC shows RAM and processor etc.) You can skip this by tapping the screen
- Disks touch by Offscreen
- Phonetorch
- Smartmovie(Plays AVI files)
- Airport touch doesn't close when you crash, so BUG FIXED
- Different theme Effects.

Everything Works as I'm using it. Some of these apps are trials so search for what to do to get full in google.
I called it the DARK KNIGHT EDITION because this phone is in the Dark Knight. I have include wallpapers of Dark Knight.
I have Batman begins and the Dark Knight Movie on the Phone and Batman is all about gadgets so I thought it would match up great.

Dark Knight Edition v1:

Dark Knight Edition v2(Includes a few updates and Languages):
German(Reuploaded as first one was too big 33.1mb):

Wallpapers are attached. Just copy to C: or E: (better on C as won't change to default after you take out the Memory Card)

Also screenshots are attached so quick check on them BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD.

To flash just download all of xploitmachines files 3.0 and then replace rofs2 and rofs3 with my files. Then you will have complete software.
Some of the software in the screenshots are mine and not included in the software. If you want them google how to get them.
Remember when Flashing it is your Responsability. It is not my fault if you brick your phone. I have tested this firmware and am using it know as you can see by the screen shots I have also installed my own apps.

Source : Daily Mobile


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