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Kristanix Password Generator Professional Enterprise Edition 5.52

Safety Rules in Network urgently require mandatory periodic password changes, especially in the e-mail, through which users recover most of the accounts with the major, including financial resources. And it's not a joke! - Loss of control over personal email in Corollary \ "stealing \" password ubiquitous Trojans with huge corporate and personal troubles.

Real professional generators Ultra long burglary unique passwords c repeating characters in huge quantities and in less time. Password Generator Professional is one of them - he quickly generates about 10 million unique passwords, nicknames and usernames in a single session, 5-Tew different, completely random ways: 1 - automatic generation - (numbers, letters, special characters), 2 - using a given mask images; 3 - vocabulary method of the particular file, text, 4 - catchy Nicky logins, spoken, and so-called \ "master password \" and 5 - a mix of methods. Performs verification of the absence of words in the dictionary and does not allow duplicates.

Export the list of passwords is carried out in formats TXT, CSV, HTML or MS-Access ® database (MDB). Create secure passwords, the original Nicky user, registration numbers, license keys and more with this powerful and flexible program! Password Generator Pro should always be handy for users who are often forced to change their accounts and different passwords that have something to lose worrying about security and its reputation.

Password Generator Professional uses a high quality pseudo-random number generator to generate passwords.

It offers 5 methods for generating the passwords:
* Automatic generation where you can choose the contents (letters, numbers and special characters),
* Masked generation where you specify patterns describing the passwords
* Dictionary mode where it grabs random passwords from a file you specify. All modes can choose lower-case, upper-case or mixed-case letters.
* Pronouncable mode for easy to remember passwords and
* Character list mode for making passwords consisting of a chosen list of characters. All modes can choose lower-case, upper-case or mixed-case letters.

An example password is showed so you can easily see how the passwords will look. When the passwords have been generated, you have the option of saving them to a file, copying them to the clipboard or printing them.All the functionality is available in command line form. You can easily integrate this software in your own system.Passwords are generated using a pseudorandom number generator called Mersenne twister, which is an advanced algorithm that creates high quality random numbers using a twisted generalized shift feedback register, and has a higher number of dimensions than linear congruential generators.Supports unlimited amount of passwords and up to 1,000 characters in length.

Key Features:
· Lightning fast generation
· Generate up to one billion unique passwords
· Use masking and format rules to further define the password style
· Grab random passwords from a word-list file
· Command line support for easy integration in your own system
· Results can be printed, stored to file or copied to the clipboard
· Optional phonetic spelling

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